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At FBS, we pride ourselves on being able to create exactly what our clients need, whether that’s a 卧室世界杯线上买球app下载安全 为他们的 保护区™,一个令人印象深刻的 主世界杯线上买球app下载 为他们的 正世界杯线上买球app下载入口, or 自定义安全窗口 that don’t give away all of your security secrets.

We’re well aware that every window is “custom made” in that windows must perfectly fit the opening of the home — but no one is making a 自定义窗口 就像世界杯线上买球app下载.

Our windows are completely bespoke from the inside out so that they can meet your specific and unique needs. Not everyone needs security windows, but perhaps they need 飓风认证. Others might need ballistic protection, but don’t live in a 飓风 zone. Some people just want extra large fixed windows so they can enjoy the view from their luxury home.

If we only made one or two types of glass (like most window manufacturers), we’d never be able to meet all of our clients’ needs. Therefore, we start at the very beginning by asking what you’re looking for in a window.

We know you need it to be beautiful, so we’ll always have that at the forefront of our design plans, but the exact composition of your security, 飓风, or ballistic window will change depending on the level of security you need, the weight your architects are able to spare, and the aesthetics of the space.

There are four major considerations we discuss when designing 自定义窗口s: the frame, 玻璃的成分, the certifications required, 当然, 大小. We use 减少ting edge technology to create exactly what you want, but we make sure it’s elegant enough for your luxury home.


窗户 Budget Calculator

框架在 冷拉钢

Time-tested strength utilizes the world's strongest steel

Many window manufacturers opt to use aluminum in their frames, which makes sense if you’re trying to bring down the cost and the customers don’t care about security certification, or the climate in their area allows for its use. 当然, our clients care about those things — they have come to us because they have needs that can’t (or won’t) be met by the average window manufacturer.

`We’ve opted to use steel frames in our windows for many reasons — it’s strong, 这是非常安全的, 它的低维护, it can withstand gale force and brute force alike, but the main reason we use it is very simple: it’s the very best.

The other really wonderful attribute of steel is that it can be painted so it completely matches the aesthetics of your home. If you love the idea of steel, 但我讨厌这样子, we can take care of that too by covering it with something that makes more sense for your style of home (like wood).

For homes in tropical climates that are subject to inclement weather on a regular basis (like the islands of the Caribbean), we upgrade to stainless steel because it’s more durable than traditional steel. Again, it can be painted any color that you’d like so it perfectly matches your aesthetic.


高科技玻璃 建立保护

Completely customizable glass options, built to client specification

构建定制的安全, 飓风, or ballistic windows requires different types of materials because each of those certifications is meant to protect against a different threat. Therefore, each material is designed to react a different way to each threat.

There are three different types of glass that are used to make windows:

  • 退火, softest type of glass, breaks into large pieces, cheapest to make because it's easy to work with
  • Heat-strengthened - twice as strong as annealed glass, heated and cooled (typically twice) in order to strengthen the material, more expensive because it cannot be 减少 or molded once it’s made, breaks into many small pieces
  • 回火, strongest type of glass (four times stronger than annealed), heated and cooled in order to strengthen the material (but more times than heat-strengthened glass), 用于汽车和烤箱, also known as “security glass” because when it breaks, it shatters into many tiny pieces (which is less harmful than large shards)

When we make 自定义安全窗口 for our clients, we might utilize all three of these materials, in addition to 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 (polyvinyl butyral), 聚碳酸酯, 或SGP (Sentryglas®Plus, made by DuPont) and a gas layer (typically for energy efficiency) — it just depends on what you need out of your window.

玻璃的选择 针对每一个安全目标


  • Strong
  • 有抵抗力的,入室盗窃


  • 非常强烈的
  • Exceptional burglary resistance


  • 非凡的力量
  • Light firearm ballistic rated
  • Extreme burglary resistance
  • 轻量级的


  • 令人费解的力量
  • ak - 47弹道额定
  • 完全防盗
  • Strongest window available

What Does 安全 "认证" Mean?


During our entry level test, we drop a 9-pound ball, 9 times from 9 meters. This is called the "Triple 9 Test".


Our mid-grade windows are tested to withstand 50 strikes with an axe, in addition to the Triple 9 Test.


Our high-grade windows are tested to withstand 100 strikes with an axe, as well as the Triple 9 Test.

入室盗窃的尝试 测试

Watch our windows take a beating unlike any other


安全 在任何大小

Secure your view, whether it's one foot or one hundred feet

We’ve yet to encounter a client who wanted a window we couldn’t make. If you want a massive fixed window to overlook the expansive view out of your living room, 世界杯线上买球app下载可以这么做. If you’d like casement windows that open to the breeze come in over the hills, 世界杯线上买球app下载可以这么做, too. No matter what, we’ll put your needs and your security at the forefront.

Even on our operable casement windows, the locks (typically the weakest point of a window) are made of impenetrable steel, putting them at the same security level as our 高度安全的世界杯线上买球app下载. Potential intruders won’t be able to drill, 减少, or shoot through our window locks — we know because we’ve tried.

While any window company will be able to make you a custom-sized window, we’re the only ones who will make you a 飓风-certified security window with ballistic protection in any size you need. 期.


Hurricane vs 盗窃额定

重要提示: Hurricane rating does NOT mean burglary rating


Upon request, our windows can be manufactured to comply with 飓风-rated standards.


Our security windows provide for various burglary defense ratings, depending upon customer specifications.

认证 保护

Our windows are offered with several certification options

Taking these three types of glass and using them to create completely customized windows for various use-cases means taking into account the climate, the level of security you require, and your aesthetic preferences. The good news is that we can make anything you want — literally anything — and it will still be beautiful.


Hurricane certified windows need to be able to withstand intense water and wind pressure, as well as large flying objects without penetration (they’re tested by having a two-by-four wood beam launched at them). Oftentimes this means having a layer of 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 或下界估计 sandwiched by heat-strengthened glass.

The purpose of the 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 layer is to “catch” the glass if it does shatter. The beauty of this material is that it bonds well to the glass, which keeps you safe in case something really big and really heavy flies into your window during a 飓风.

SGP is five times stronger than 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 and up to 100 times harder, providing you with the extra protection you need when you need it.


安全 windows are literally made to do the exact opposite thing that a 飓风 window is meant to do. 确定, they’re both trying to keep something out of your home, but one is an object (like the two-by-four) and the other is a human with a brain who can change strategies based on the obstacles they encounter.

The main reason people want security windows is because of the brute force required to break through them — and trust us when we say that we can outmatch anyone else’s security windows. 看看视频.

Our basic security glass is made from annealed glass with a layer of 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 或下界估计 in the middle (10 pounds per square foot). Going up a step to our enhanced security glass, we use a thicker annealed glass with 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 或下界估计 in the middle (14 pounds per square foot).

Our highest end security window also has annealed glass, 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛, 或下界估计, however we add an air gap and a layer of 聚碳酸酯 — this is where ballistic glass begins. This security window offers protection against small handguns (like a 9mm). This glass is actually lighter, coming in at about 9.每平方英尺2磅.

弹道 (Bulletproof) 窗户

弹道, or bulletproof windows are made the same way as our highest end security windows — annealed glass with 聚乙烯醇缩丁醛 或下界估计, 聚碳酸酯, 还有气隙. The main difference here becomes thickness of the layers. 层越厚, the more protection you have (small handguns, 大手枪, 和步枪), but also all the layers add weight. Our top of the line ballistic window weighs about 20 pounds per square foot.

It’s heavy, but if that’s the kind of protection you need, we can provide it for you.

非凡的安全 与一个视图


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